Top Surface Go Accessories You Need

Microsoft Surface Go

1. Surface Go Type Cover

The Surface Go Type Cover is magnetic and easily attaches to your Surface Go. It comes in four different colours and features backlit keys.

Black Microfiber Keyboard$129.99 CAD
Coloured Alcantara Keyboard$169.99 CAD

2. Surface Pen

  1. The Surface Pen is fun to use with the Surface Go, draw, erase, and take notes. It is magnetic so it easily can attach to your Surface while not in use, also it come in four different colours.
Surface Pen$128.99 CAD

3. SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card

No matter what, any device I own I end up running out of space. Surface Go has a MicroSD port under the tilt stand that can easily be missed. I like SanDisk Micro SD cards because they’re simply affordable.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB$11.98 CAD
SanDisk Ultra 64GB
$18.67 CAD
SanDisk Ultra 128GB$30.30 CAD
SanDisk Ultra 200GB$46.24 CAD
SanDisk Ultra 256GB$62.56 CAD

4. Surface Ark Mouse

The Surface Ark Mouse is my personal favorite, its portable, comes in 4 different colours and just simply looks great. If its not for you there are still others in the surface line. Although the track pad is great sometimes I just need a legit mouse when I’m using Excel or editing documents.

Surface Mobile Mouse$44.99 CAD
Surface Mouse$64.99 CAD
Surface Ark Mouse$99.99 CAD
Surface Precision Mouse$128.99 CAD

5. Xbox Wireless Controller

I know the Surface Go is not your gaming laptop but, it does handle casual and less intensive gaming. The Xbox wireless controller fully supports Windows 10 PCs, tablets and Phones.

Xbox Wireless Controller$64.99

Well there you have it, these are the accessories I use with my Surface Go and feel like all owners should at least consider. Thanks for reading and for more content like this and more follow us on twitter @thenookblogs or subscribe!

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